Decade Wrapped, Spotify Campaign

To end the 2010s decade of music, the annual Spotify Wrapped campaign had to be special. Through a series of films, activations and digital experiences, we invited everyone to relive the music and moments that moved them, powered by ten years of listening data.

At the center of the campaign was a global TV Commercial called “Playlist of the Decade” that celebrated the music of this wacky decade, by creating a debate on which songs belong in the playlist of the 2010s. The campaign won the Grand Prix Clio Music award. Wrapped was the #1 trending topic on Twitter, and the site had 60+ million visits and 30+ million shares.

Film directed and edited by BRTHR. Produced by Serial Pictures. Cinematography by Christopher Ripley. VFX by MPC. Production Design by Spencer Graves. Styled by Shirley Kurata. Spotify team: Kat Kvas, Daniel Brill, Payman Kassaie, Jonathan Chu, and Jenna Allchin.